Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grandpa's pencils

As we sorted out through different stuff that had been kept at my dad's workshop (currently under renovation), I found this colour pencil box with all its 12 pencils, some shorter than others. The name "Princess" under the STAEDTLER logo refers to the beautiful pictures of a prince, a princess and a castle on the tin lid and on each pencil. I haven't been able to find any information of this "Princess" series on the internet, which reinforces our guess that this pencil box is at least 35 years old!

My grandfather was an artist (a painter), and my dad is another artist, a sculptor in his case. These pencils probably belonged to my grandpa first, and ended up at dad's workshop at some point (so he's told me). And believe me when I say that I knew this as soon as I held the case in my hands. I felt the power, the magic of these pencils. Their age, their memories... I also felt they were rightfully mine to keep and take care of. Dad told me they are mine now. I pride on the artists in my family; sometimes I feel the need to make something out of the talent running through my veins. I've never learnt to draw properly, or taken lessons; I haven't even practiced enough. But I can draw passable stuff, and these pencils may inspire me and help me. Cool as my PC tablet may be, useful as Photoshop and similar software may be... they can't compare to my grandpa's 12 pencil case, can they?

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  1. ¡Vaya! ¡Qué caja de lápices más bonita!♥ Y tiene que tener aún más valor si ha pertenecido a tu familia.

    A mí me encantan las cosas antiguas: hago colección de ellas en general y en particular de relojes de plata antiguos. ¡Bueno, la verdad es que me gusta casi todo lo que sea antiguo y de plata! ¡Soy como una urraca! XD

    Pero, en fin, y dejando a un lado eso, seguro que te salen unos dibujos preciosos con esos lápices, aunque sólo sea por el amor puesto en ello♥ (aunque la verdad es que yo soy tan tontorrona que me daría penita usarlos XD)