Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 Divas

I've had this post in mind for a long time. Let me introduce you to my five divas or super fabulous talented women. I'm using diva not in the English meaning of "leading female singer" but in the original latin "diva", meaning "goddess". Some of them are not singers, some of them are not "real" (although the actresses are), some of them are not female and one of them is... made of plastic! But they all inspire me to the point I'd like to be a bit like them (not only because of their looks!). The order is not meaningful:

1) Satine - Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge"

To me, Nicole Kidman got to be one of the most beautiful actresses alive when she starred this movie, if not the most beautiful. Satine's beauty, her pretense of cold manipulation and her lonely, caged heart that became free when she fell in love with Christian and triumphed in death have always inspired me. I love the cabaret genre, musicals and plays and Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies.

2) Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma in "Chicago". 

I've been taken with this beautiful lady since I was a teenager and I saw her in "The Haunting" and "The Mask of Zorro". As Velma, she was superb; manipulative, charming, mercenary and downright sexy.

3) Jasmine You

Yuuichi Kageyama was not a girl, but he probably stands as the strongest, more sublime diva in my mind. He was the bassist of the Japanese philharmonic metal band Versailles, and I saw him live several times; I also met him briefly and shook his hand. Under the many layers of baroque, purple or red, feathery, rose-packed outfits there lay a natural elegance, a warmth and a beauty that drew everyone to him. He never overdid it; he was himself all the time down to the last pointed fingernail. Musical talent and beauty complemented a wonderful soul. He was probably too good for this rotten world, and had to leave us way too soon...

4) Kaya 

Kaya is a Japanese (male) artist who is unique in many ways. He's openly gay, he's stood up for the right of falling in love with whoever we choose in a society in which gay people lack the freedom to be open about their sexuality for fear of "not fitting in". He does his make-up, helps design his outfits and has a beautiful, beautiful voice. Through his interviews, blogs and live events his charisma is made obvious; he can handle a crowd of 10 or 1000, and make you smile on a stormy day. He tends to see the bright side of things and share it with others. All his roles on stage point at the honest boy and wholehearted aesthete he is. 

5) Barbie

I'm not kidding. She's been around forever; she's done everything; she's been everyone. She is a fashion icon, beloved by little girls and famous designers alike, and yet she could be any young woman in the world. I love Barbie dolls and try to collect as many of them as I can (I have 4 at the moment; my over 20 childhood dolls were lost. Barbie WAS the 20th century, and will be the 21st. She will never stop to amaze me and inspire me.

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