Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today I bring you a book recommendation. Or I should say, books: the Nightrunner Series, by Lynn Flewellyn. I finished book one, "Luck in the Shadows", and I'm halfway through the second, "Stalking Darkness"; but so far my review is really, really positive. I really wouldn't like to spoil any of the plot for you, so I'll just say it's set in a fantasy world (pseudo-16th century, I'd say) and the main characters lead a very particular lifestyle full of adventures, secret missions (they are thieves/spies in a way), and multiple identities. The author does an impressive job in character-development, description, mythology-building (a whole new system of gods etc.), etc. But, fascinating, dark and full of action as the plot is, the main characters, Seregil and Alec, have captured my heart and they are the reason I can't stop reading for a minute. This is one of the prettiest fanarts of them I've been able to find; I don't know the name of the artist:

Moreover, Mrs. Flewellyn's treatment of homosexuality and bisexuality (in Skalan society bisexuality seems to be the norm) is unique in the sense that she normalizes different preferences instead of making them a central issue. But I wouldn't recommend these series to fans of shounen-ai (male-male) relationships only; doing that would be deprecating the author's rich writing style and the wonderful universe and characters she has created. I recommend these books to each and every fantasy fan out there.

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