Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Never Dies

Does it? While I'm not sure, Andrew Lloyd's Webber new musical succeeded in convincing me a few weeks ago. I've been a Phantom fan since I first saw the Spanish version in Madrid. Then I grew acquainted with the London cast recordings and learned the songs by heart. These songs have seen me through some very happy and very sad times... the rich voices, the melodies that strike a chord with my soul every time, the almost-magical, candle-lit world full of dark, enthralling beauty.

Love Never Dies is the answer to the silent pleas of those -like me- who couldn't accept Christine's choice at the end of The Phantom of the Opera. We kept asking ourselves... "what if...?" But Sir Andrew has made the "what ifs" unnecessary with this sequel, set ten years later; it's a story full of reunions, suprises, dark twists and even wicked sense of humour, complete with a thrilling dose of cabaret/circus-like performances. And overall, music. Wonderful songs (brand new) once again! This is one of my picks, "Beneath a Moonless Sky":

Christine and the Phantom meet again in New York and she, although reluctant and somewhat angry at first, cannot fight the feelings that come back all at once as they recall a moment of their past they have never forgotten. Please listen, and don't be afraid of spoilers. In this case, the song is so wonderful that getting some spoilers is simply worth it.

Ramin Karimloo has quickly become my most favourite Phantom ever! His voice is out of this world.

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