Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This is my new fanart of KAZ, guitarist and pianist of VII-Sense, one of my favourite Japanese bands at the moment. I started following this band because I'd been a fan of their vocalist, Shaura (ex-Moi dix Mois Juka) for years, but after seeing them live in Tokyo this summer many times I decided I like the other guys as well; they are very talented and I think they can make it big at some point. KAZ's skills are remarkable, his compositions, such as the song "Not vide ID", breathtaking. He used to compose music for videogames in the past, and I think he is really having fun in the band (and isn't that the most important thing?). His guitar-playing onstage is as impressive as the songs themselves. If you are curious about this band, please check me and my friend's official fansite

Have fun tonight, everyone! I'll be fluttering around in my fallen angel costume (complete with black wings). 

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today I bring you a book recommendation. Or I should say, books: the Nightrunner Series, by Lynn Flewellyn. I finished book one, "Luck in the Shadows", and I'm halfway through the second, "Stalking Darkness"; but so far my review is really, really positive. I really wouldn't like to spoil any of the plot for you, so I'll just say it's set in a fantasy world (pseudo-16th century, I'd say) and the main characters lead a very particular lifestyle full of adventures, secret missions (they are thieves/spies in a way), and multiple identities. The author does an impressive job in character-development, description, mythology-building (a whole new system of gods etc.), etc. But, fascinating, dark and full of action as the plot is, the main characters, Seregil and Alec, have captured my heart and they are the reason I can't stop reading for a minute. This is one of the prettiest fanarts of them I've been able to find; I don't know the name of the artist:

Moreover, Mrs. Flewellyn's treatment of homosexuality and bisexuality (in Skalan society bisexuality seems to be the norm) is unique in the sense that she normalizes different preferences instead of making them a central issue. But I wouldn't recommend these series to fans of shounen-ai (male-male) relationships only; doing that would be deprecating the author's rich writing style and the wonderful universe and characters she has created. I recommend these books to each and every fantasy fan out there.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Never Dies

Does it? While I'm not sure, Andrew Lloyd's Webber new musical succeeded in convincing me a few weeks ago. I've been a Phantom fan since I first saw the Spanish version in Madrid. Then I grew acquainted with the London cast recordings and learned the songs by heart. These songs have seen me through some very happy and very sad times... the rich voices, the melodies that strike a chord with my soul every time, the almost-magical, candle-lit world full of dark, enthralling beauty.

Love Never Dies is the answer to the silent pleas of those -like me- who couldn't accept Christine's choice at the end of The Phantom of the Opera. We kept asking ourselves... "what if...?" But Sir Andrew has made the "what ifs" unnecessary with this sequel, set ten years later; it's a story full of reunions, suprises, dark twists and even wicked sense of humour, complete with a thrilling dose of cabaret/circus-like performances. And overall, music. Wonderful songs (brand new) once again! This is one of my picks, "Beneath a Moonless Sky":

Christine and the Phantom meet again in New York and she, although reluctant and somewhat angry at first, cannot fight the feelings that come back all at once as they recall a moment of their past they have never forgotten. Please listen, and don't be afraid of spoilers. In this case, the song is so wonderful that getting some spoilers is simply worth it.

Ramin Karimloo has quickly become my most favourite Phantom ever! His voice is out of this world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A castle of my own

Welcome to my new blog! The kanji you can read under "Aesthetic Revolution" are read "tanbikakumei". It's a concept with multiple meanings for me. First, I borrowed it from Japanese artists with a particular view on aesthetics, such as Kaya and Versailles. Second, I like Aestheticism ("art for art's sake") as an artistic movement. I'd like to share two awesome definitions of this word I found with you:
1- Devotion to and pursuit of the beautiful; sensitivity to artistic beauty and refined taste.
2- The doctrine that beauty is the basic principle from which all other principles, especially moral ones, are derived.

I am a pursuer of beauty. I look for it in paintings, books, music, people's faces, the human mind. I want to transcend old definitions of myself such as "manga lover", "lolita", "Japanophile", or "poet", and look inward at myself as a complex being with many likes and dislikes, different sources of inspiration and dreams I'd like to share with you all. I know that many of my friends are artists and I would like to open a window to their works -not only my own- through links and images too.